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I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help people find peace of mind by addressing issues that cause them distress, confusion, worry and stress. Once the challenge of identifying the presenting problem is undertaken, we will focus on setting attainable goals, deciding which strategies will make a positive difference and how we will measure your success. Rest assured that you are in charge every step of the way and if you are seriously considering professional counselling you are already starting the process of change.

Your Counsellor

                                                               Carmel Girouard 

                                                                  M.S.W., R.S.W.


With over 20 years of experience, Carmel has the knowledge and expertise to effectively address a broad range of presenting problems such as mood disorders, adjustment difficulties, bereavement/grief, trauma, marital and family dysfunctions.  She is on several Employee and Family Assistance Program panels and thus can offer counselling services covered in benefit plans free of charge. Furthermore, because she is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Workers, many insurance companies cover a significant portion of the costs for services. Carmel works with the highest standards and ethics, creating an atmosphere of serenity to work with you towards recovery, resolution and personal goals.



My mission is to help, with the best of my knowledge and skills, clients who are committed to working towards their goals and to improve their situation.

My Mission

My strategies are to use active listening and emotional support to reframe concepts, challenge thoughts, help uncover distorted core beliefs and develop more realistic perspectives which will lead to feeling better and choosing more appropriate behaviours and/or  positive circumstances and outcomes.

1933 Regent Street, Unit 10, Sudbury, ON P3E 5R2

469 Bouchard St., #245

Sudbury, ON P3E 2K8

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